Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's relationship, reportedly, breaking apart as they had reached their breaking point after the actor's dog died. A tabloid claimed the singer doesn't seem to care about her fiance's pet because she's jealous of the attention that Bloom gave to his beloved dog. 

According to Woman's Day, Perry and Bloom have been struggling to keep it together especially after the latter's dog died. A source told the tabloid Katy has always been jealous of Orlando's bond with his dog.

The supposed "friends" of the couple also claimed the tension between the two stars started when Orlando's dog, Mighty, went missing earlier this month. Katy's lack of support in helping find the dog allegedly caused friction between the couple. The source claimed the "Daisies" singer seemed uninterested in helping hand out flyers for the missing canine. 

The poodle was later on found but already dead. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was devastated by his loss and Perry allegedly wasn't of any help. 

Bloom's heartwarming tribute to his pet also added fuel to the tension between him and the singer. The source claimed Perry was mad about it because the actor hasn't posted a touching message for her on social media. It added that pregnant Katy felt that Mighty's passing had overshadowed her pregnancy. 

The tension between the two allegedly made their "friends" worried that getting married might not be the right to do for the couple. They claimed Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom wouldn't come this far if it weren't for the "Roar" singer's pregnancy. 

Gossip Cop dismissed all of Woman's Day claims. It pointed out that Perry doesn't seem to be jealous of Bloom's dog and it wasn't true that the actor was more attentive to his pet than to his pregnant fiancée. Gossip Cop said just a few weeks ago, Bloom also praised his girlfriend for how she handles pregnancy. 

In an interview with Associated Press, Bloom expressed how impressed he is with the "Dark Horse" hitmaker. The Lord of the Rings actor praised Katy for being herself and not acting like a pregnant woman. He said everything is business as usual with the American Idol judge. 

The actor added if not for the big belly, no one will notice that Katy is pregnant because everything is the same with her. Bloom said the 35-year-old singer never complained about the discomfort of being pregnant. 

Katy Perry is scheduled to give birth to her first baby with Orlando Bloom in September. The actor is already a father to his 9-year-old son, Flynn, from his previous marriage to Miranda Kerr.