Filming for The Conners season 3 is, currently, underway. Now, ABC has been releasing some updates as to what viewers can expect in the multi-camera sitcom. It's clear that the writers wanted to take on some of the current issues, particularly the global health crisis.

The new poster of The Conners season 3 teased that it would have a socially distant theme once it premieres. The image features Dan (John Goodman), Darlene (Sara Gilbert), Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), Becky (Lecy Goranson), and DJ (Michael Fishman) all wearing masks.

Also, the tagline of the poster reads: "Socially distant as always." This is a clear indication that the upcoming installment would deliver some pandemic-related stories. Perhaps, the new season will continue to examine working-class America while showing how people deal with the real-life health crisis.

But, the major challenge here is that some scenes might be limited, as well as the people on set. Also, there will be no studio audiences to ensure the safety of everyone. Having a lot of viewers comes with certain risks since most people are in a confined space. It would be difficult to follow the social distancing measures.

The Conners season 3 is the first multi-camera sitcom to get back to work since the production shutdown earlier this year. Thus, producers are enforcing safety and health protocols aligned with the state and local requirements, and union and industry guidelines for production.

Meanwhile, even though such stories will be part of the series, not every single episode of The Conners Season 3 will focus on it. Appearing on Good Morning America, series star and executive producer Sara Gilbert made it clear the pandemic-related stories won't be the theme of the entire season.

Gilbert said that they'll touch on the real-life health crisis theme since it affects everyone's lives in terms of livelihood. But, she added that people likely wants a break and not always be hearing about the pandemic. They have a lot of other storylines not related to the COVID-19. She made it clear that while we see them wearing masks, that's not always the "front and center in every storyline."

As for the official release date of The Conners season 3, nothing is confirmed at the moment. Yet, the poster suggests that new episodes are coming every Wednesday this fall on ABC. If ever there won't be any filming setbacks along the way, we could expect the new installment arriving either in late October ore in early November.