A new leak surfaced online hinting that a new mode is coming to the popular battle royale PUBG. The said mode is reportedly a combination of Auto Battler and FPS genre. This could be a new tournament-style mode that many fans have long been waiting for.

The fresh piece of information about "PUBG" came from popular game leaker PlayerIGN. Fans of the Popular battle royale game might soon be able to enjoy a "mix of FPS and Auto Battler genre, according to the insider. This particular mode allows gamers to play a series of one-vs-one battles with the winner earning money in every round.

Players must avoid running out of lives to win the upcoming "PUBG" mode. The new mode is reportedly called Vostok and would rotate players through a number of encounters until there is just one player left, which is, of course, standard fare for a battle royale title. Additionally, the tipster speculated that Vostok would depend on chances.

Each "PUBG" player starts with three lives and loses one every time they are killed. Players rotate through one another as more as eliminated until only two players are left. Apart from this, PlayerIGN claimed that the new mode would involve weapons and currency. Each player gets money at every round just like "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

Winning players get bonuses and evaluation, as well as the option to upgrade loadout before the start of every round. The leaked animation that surfaced last May could be connected to the Deployment Zone, where players enter into at the beginning of each match, the tipster believed. Recently, "PUBG" received the 8.3 update and the patch notes do not reveal anything related to the alleged upcoming mode.

In one of his videos, the tipster suggested that Vostok mode might be announced in mid-8.3 or Season 9 before it gets officially revealed and available for public testing. Currently, "PUBG" has bots, which help players learn the ropes of the game. Developer "PUBG" Corp introduced these bots to the game earlier this year.

PUBG" explained the reason about its decision in a letter for the community. The gaming studio said that it noticed that more players are being taken out at the onset of matches without even dealing any damage. This makes the game an uphill climb to begin. Introducing bots will hopefully allow new players to be familiar with the combat mechanics of the game without dying immediately from cross-sniper shots.