Barack and Michelle Obama share a genuine relationship with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. For years, several reports have seemingly followed the two couples, particularly their meetings and encounters with each other.

Some have even speculated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken the Obamas as their "mentors." This is why many believe that the royal couple chose the former First Couple as Archie Harrison's godparents.

The talks about the young Sussex's godparents emerged after his parents decided not to release the names of the godparents. Unlike the rest of the British Royals, they did things differently, according to Cheat Sheet.

Aside from publicizing the names, they did not allow cameras, as well, during the christening in 2019. Buckingham Palace released a statement, explaining that the godparents will remain private in "keeping with their wishes."

The speculations that the list includes Barack and Michelle Obama started even before Meghan Markle gave birth. Weeks before the christening, Angela Levin shared on the Royal Box that the former First Couple is likely some of the Sussex couple's first choices for Archie's godparents.

The royal biographer said that this is because the Obamas "has always got on very well" with the royals, according to the Daily Express. She pointed out that the Duke of Sussex has repeatedly met and bonded with the former U.S. President. Meanwhile, Meghan, reportedly, does it too, toward the former First Lady.

Levin claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has utilized Michelle Obama to help her navigate the royal life. She, later on, argued that it would all make total sense why they wanted to keep it private if they, indeed, chose the former First Couple as Archie's godparents.

While several royal fans were interested to know who the godparents are, other individuals argued that it is "irrelevant." In online forum Quora, several netizens said that it does not matter who these people are, whether they are high-profile personalities or not.

Some users on the platform agreed that it is their right not to publicize the names even though it is not part of the royal tradition. Accordingly, it has since remained unknown if Barack and Michelle Obama are Archie Harrison's godparents.

ITV's Chris Ship, later on, revealed that he received information about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's choice of godparents. He asserted that they are not celebrities nor public figures. Experts consequently concluded that it, also, makes sense why they wanted their names to stay private.