American retail giant Amazon is launching a new high-end online fashion luxury store within its core platform. The "store within a store" is different from other online outlets as only those with special invites from Amazon will get access.

Amazon officials launched its "Luxury Stores" program on Tuesday. The company has made it available only to a select number of Amazon Prime Members located in the United States. Members will only be able to access the store if they got an email invite. Amazon stated that those who hadn't received invites will be able to request an invitation. However, the company clarified that it will only be giving out a limited number of invites to members who meet specific criteria.

The new Luxury Stores will give customers access to limited edition specialty luxury goods such as exclusive designs from Oscar de la Renta. Shoppers will be able to get early access to the brand's pre-fall and winter 2020 collections. The luxury store will also give select Prime members access to the site's exclusive 360 features.

According to the company, the Luxury Stores will also allow merchants to have much more freedom in terms of their inventory and pricing. Amazon stated that partner merchants, including both established and burgeoning high-end fashion brands, will be given much more independence in how they set up their online outlets within the platform.

Apart from fashion brands and clothing, Amazon mentioned in its press release that it will be actively looking for partners in rapidly emerging luxury sectors such as beauty products, cosmetics, and high-end accessories.

Industry experts have pointed out that the launch of Amazon's new exclusive store comes at a very opportune time given the lingering disruptions caused by the pandemic. The president of Amazon Fashion, Christine Beauchamp, mentioned in a statement that the Luxury Stores concept was created after the company received several feedbacks from Prime members who wanted to see more luxury brands on its platform.

As more people shift to purchasing products online as opposed to visiting physical stores, Amazon is moving quickly to meet the rising demand. At the height of the pandemic, Amazon saw a massive surge in its business, forcing it to ramp up its hiring efforts. Earlier in the week, the company hosted a Career Day even, offering over 33,000 openings with average annual pays of around $150,000.