Suga and J-Hope are like family now, but they were strangers when they joined Big Hit Entertainment. Since first impressions last, JH couldn’t seem to forget the very first time he saw the “Daechwita” rapper.

When BTS appeared on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, J-Hope revealed that his first impression of Suga was strong. The BTS star shared that when he first went to their dorm, SG was walking around in his underwear.

“To me, Suga’s first impression was strong. Because when I went to our dorm, he was wearing nothing but the underwear. I was so embarrassed,” J-Hope recalled.

Suga explained that he just got out of the shower when J-Hope arrived. JH then continued that it was a shocking moment for him because it was his first time coming to Seoul, and he had a “fantasy” of what trainees would be like, but he ended up seeing a “naked” Suga.

It was not the first time Suga was caught wearing nothing but his underwear. Jimin shared that he also had the same experience as J-Hope when he first met the rapper. “He has no shame because he was wearing the underwear when I first came to Seoul too,” JM said.

But Suga is not the only BTS member who was caught wearing nothing but his underwear. Even though J-Hope said that he was surprised to see the “Shadow” rapper in his undies, he was also caught by Jin wearing his underwear. “When I first met Hobi, he was wearing his underwear,” Mr. Worldwide Handsome shared.

Being caught in their underwear is not the only thing that Suga and J-Hope have in common. In fact, a shocking video showed SG seemingly morphing into JH.

Basing on the boys’ facial features, they can not be called identical at all. Suga has a rounder face while J-Hope’s has a longer one. Suga has smaller eyes while J-Hope has rounder ones. Suga has a “gummy smile” while J-Hope has a “heart smile.” Suga’s nose has a round tip, while J-Hope has a pointy one.

If Suga will be mistaken with another member, it was usually Jimin. The rapper was never mistaken with anyone else — until this particular video appeared.

In the clip, Suga was performing his solo “Seesaw” in one of BTS performances. When the BTS rapper’s face was on the direction of the camera, he looked like himself, but when he looked away and moved his face to the left, he turned into J-Hope. (Watch the clip here).