The Conners season 3 has already kicked off filming. The cast and crew were able to begin production amidst the current global health crisis. The new season is set to be released next month. Now, we're going to see one of the recurring characters appearing regularly once the series returns.

TVLine first reported that Jay R. Ferguson will be a series regular in the upcoming The Conners season 3. He plays the role of Ben, Darlene's (Sara Gilbert) boss and boyfriend. The actor's promotion is seemingly a confirmation that more of the Darlene-Ben relationship will be explored moving forward.

Ben first appeared in season 1, in which he helped Darlene deal with a sleazy customer at her casino job. The incident teased chemistry between them and the blossoming romance was highlighted in the second installment. In fact, they even planned to move together.

However, Ben and Darlene canceled this plan at the end of season 2. Instead, they decided to stay on the Conner household to support Dan (John Goodman) through his financial struggles. Now that Ferguson has been promoted as a series regular, the writers could make more stories about him.

Ben will be the new addition in the crowded household. It's interesting to see how he and Darlene would interact now that they're living under the same roof. Their love story will further blossom as they support each other through difficult times.

The Conners season 3 sees Ben, Darlene, and the rest of the family hit hard by the COVID-19 induced economic strife. This would be the major plotline of the new season. We're going to see all of the family members struggling and doing their best to support each other during the pandemic.

Aside from taking on this particular storyline, the cast and crew are dealing with the real-life health crisis while working on set. All of them need to comply with certain health guidelines and protocols to ensure their health and safety during filming. They're wearing masks behind the scenes.

The Conners season 3 will be different compared to the preceding seasons. For instance, some scenes are limited and the number of people on set will be reduced. Additionally, there's no studio audience to follow the proper social distancing measures. But, these changes aren't permanent as everything could go back the same when the situation goes back to normal.

The Conners season 3 premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 21, on ABC.