Prince Harry turned his back on royal life to make a fresh start with Meghan Markle in the U.S. The Duke of Sussex is royal by blood, but he chose to leave everything behind two years after he married the former actress.

Now, a royal expert claims that Prince Harry is living in Meghan Markle’s shadow. After their royal exit, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to the U.S. The couple is also stepping into the industry, which Meghan has more knowledge and experience than Harry.

"It's interesting when you consider that he felt overshadowed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he as an individual facing the prospect of being overshadowed by his American wife in America, separated from Britain. It could be problematic for him,” Camilla Tominey said.

Numerous reports claimed that Prince Harry is not genuinely happy after his and Meghan Markle’s royal exit. Back in March, the couple looked like the image of pure bliss on the red carpet when they returned to the UK to complete one of their last outings as working royals. However, netizens pointed out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex showed contrasting images once they thought people were not looking.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Mountbatten Music Festival, where they looked completely happy and excited on the red carpet. While they were on the car, however, the Duke of Sussex appeared to look sad, while the former actress didn’t have her signature camera-ready smile.

“He does not look like a happy man,” one Twitter user wrote. “He’s not Harry anymore that’s for sure,” another one said. “A picture says a thousand words,” one added, “This is not the Prince Harry we knew,” one fan commented.

But, some defended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, saying that the photo was just taken at the wrong time.

While supporters and critics of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were busy arguing about the couple’s photo, a body language expert tried to analyze the whole thing. Judi James claimed that the photo showed a deeper meaning than just the Duke of Sussex looking sad, noting that despite all his “upbeat grinning pose,” he was dealing with a lot of difficulties regarding the whole situation.

As for Meghan Markle, Judi James said that she looked tense. The body language expert noted that while the Duchess of Sussex smiles a lot on the red carpet, she looked “angry” when she and her husband were inside the car.