The Premier League will reportedly see the blockbuster return of Gareth Bale in the ongoing season. The Welshman could soon be back on the top-flight competition where he first gained stardom before moving to Real Madrid in 2013. The La Liga giants are sending the 31-year-old back to London on a loan deal.

The next stop for Bale in the days to come is his old club Tottenham Hotspur, and that is if the agreement being arranged by Jose Mourinho with Real will be completed. The move will earn the Wales international £13 million for a season of stay under Mourinho and part of his salary will be funded by the Spanish side.

The Daily Mail claimed in a report that the Bale loan is a done deal and that Tottenham will make an official announcement "once a few minor contractual issues are signed."

The report added that Mourinho himself worked to make the deal happen. The Portuguese even suggested that bringing Bale back to the Premier League has been in his mind for some time. The Spurs boss said he tried to acquire the four-time Champions League winner while he oversaw Manchester United but time caught up with the plan.

The chance is higher now that Bale's return will play out, which for Tottenham is a move to support the club's top scorer - Harry Kane. Mourinho pushed for the signing following his side's defeat against Everton on Sunday, a disappointment that the manager attributed to his team's lack of attacking depth.

The Spurs seemed convinced that Bale's energy and vigor will lead to the Spurs picking up on their game. The Welshman coming in will also provide support and breathing room for Kane, who has been Tottenham's main marksman in the past seasons.

The Real winger though joining up with the Spurs will not be a smooth transition. Metro reported that Mourinho was given a fair warning when he inquired on Bale's availability for a loan agreement in the current term.

Bale had a falling out with Real boss Zinedine Zidane last season and was given no sufficient playing time on the pitch. As a result, the Spaniards are determined to offload the player this summer, which prompted the interest of Mourinho.

Per the same report, the Portuguese was advised to proceed with caution on his intent. The persons contacted by Mourinho on the matter reportedly made the observation that Bale could struggle with the Premier League side.

It seemed though that Mourinho paid no mind to the advisory and proceeded to close the deal. This week, Bale confirmed that he is likely to play for Tottenham again but the deal, which he described as "complicated," is yet to be finalized.