WARNING: This article may have spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost episode 3. Read at your own risk.

Power Book II: Ghost episode 3 is arriving this weekend on Starz, with the title "Play the Game." The episode will continue to see Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) struggling to balance everything in his life. Now, he recognized that it's not easy living on his own.

In Power Book II: Ghost episode 3, Tariq is doing whatever he can to provide for his mother's, Tasha (Naturi Naughton), mounting a legal defense. He is working hard to earn money and pay attorney Davis MacLean (Method Man).

Davis is determined to get Tasha out of prison. But, in order to do that, he wants Tariq to pay him a huge amount of money. Because of this, he was forced to work with Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J. Blige), while juggling the rigors of Ivy League life.

When Jabari (Justin Marcel McManus) challenged Tariq's perspective in the classroom, the latter recruited Brayden (Gianni Paolo) to help him set up his operation. It leads him to become more immersed in the drug trade operation.

Tariq will be involved with the illegal activities of Monet. It's interesting to see how far he can go and what else he's willing to do to get his mother out in prison. While he wanted to be better than his father, he knows that doing this is not easy at all.

As for what else is coming in Power Book II: Ghost episode 3, Tasha tries to prove to Davis that she is innocent. However, he's becoming even more frustrated with her lying. He wanted to know the truth, but she keeps covering things up to protect Tariq, who actually killed Ghost.

Tasha is willing to go on the stand in her trial. But then, she's in a complicated situation as she was accused of being involved in her husband's shady operations. She needs to prove to everyone that she's not part of Ghost's criminal empire.

Tasha needs to find a way to prove that she is innocent while making sure that Tariq won't be blamed for everything. However, Saxe (Shane Johnson) is determined to pin the crime on her. He wanted to bring the family down and reveal the truth behind Ghost's death.

What makes the situation even more complicated is that Tasha pinned the murder down on an innocent person. She claimed her innocence, and that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) was the one who killed her husband. Hence, the character could come back at some point.

Power Book II: Ghost episode 3 will air on Sunday, Sept. 20, on Starz.