Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down from being senior royals just two years after their marriage. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced early this year that they are withdrawing from their roles to focus on their family and charities. On March 31, the couple’s royal exit was made official.

Now, a royal commentator claims that Meghan Markle, who is believed to be a “perfectionist,” is struggling to cope with the failure of her royal life. Tanya Gold suggested that the Duchess of Sussex’s lack of success as a royal deeply frustrated her.

“She is a perfectionist, and her failure to succeed at royalty clearly grates,” she said.

Tanya Gold also pointed out on her opinion piece in the New York Times that “Harry confused sacrifice with service” while “Meghan confused it with fame.” She also claimed that the controversial book Finding Freedom "reads more like an autobiography" even though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand denied that it was a collaboration.

Meanwhile, Tanya Gold is not the only one who called Meghan Markle a perfectionist. Last year, professional graphologist Tracey Trussel noted that the Duchess of Sussex’s calligraphy showed her “perfectionist streak and desire for beauty and the nice things in life.”

A previous report even claimed that Meghan Markle ordered Prince Harry to lose some extra weight as they set their eyes on the entertainment industry. The Duchess of Sussex allegedly wanted to make a good impression when visiting her A-lister acquaintances and demanded her husband to keep up with his appearance.

“He’s gained a few pounds lately, especially around the face, and Meg’s ordered him to sort it out,” the source said, adding that Meghan Markle also wanted to give Prince Harry a wardrobe makeover to fit the Hollywood elite vibe.

Just like most men all around the world, Prince Harry is also suffering from male pattern baldness. His father Prince Charles and brother Prince William are also dealing with this incurable condition.

Since hair loss can be a result of many things, Spencer Stevenson from pointed out that Prince Harry’s case is more on hereditary and not due to stress like many may have assumed.

While this is a hard truth that men had to face, Prince Harry is reportedly feeling “under pressure” from Meghan Markle to look good. The Duchess of Sussex was a former actress before meeting the Prince. So, she had always been aware of how important one’s physical appearance is.