Apple Music and iCloud subscribers are asking how Apple One will manage their service subscriptions as they link to different Apple IDs.

The Apple One bundles is the grouping of multiple services offered by Apple intended for those who wanted to have more than just one Apple service at a lesser cost. A basic Apple One bundle subscription includes Apple TV+ and Apple Music while the next level consists of both services plus the Apple Arcade. There are also high-end bundles which include of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and iCloud storage.

The release of the new Apple One bundles delighted many Apple fans. Some are eager to subscribe to a particular service bundle and enjoy the service they like the most at a price that is cheaper as compared to subscribing to one or two services, with each one having its own separate price.

However, there are also existing subscribers who are asking how the new service will manage their subscriptions. Their concern centers on the fact that they have several service subscriptions with each of those subscriptions tied to a particular Apple ID. According to officials of the Cupertino-based tech giant, the new Apple One services bundle could handle users with multiple Apple IDs for a range of services. Apple did not provide exact details about the support or how the company can manage just that.

Christina Warren, a Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate and one of the many existing subscribers of different Apple services, sent out a tweet recently saying that she has Apple Music and iCloud subscriptions which are tied to several Apple IDs, and is currently wondering how Apple One will manage that. Chris Espinosa, the longest serving employee of Apple, replied to Warren's tweet saying that Apple One manages that, adding that he already doubled-checked the matter.

Espinosa was one of the first employees at apple and was also among the Apple Family sharing feature pioneers, which deals with multiple IDs. While Espinosa may have replied to the tweet of Warren on how Apple One can manage multiple subscriptions, his answer was very short and observers even say that it was so vague that it could mean anything.

There are some Apple One levels, due to their characteristic as a shared service, allow support for subscriptions with multiple Apple IDs. Nevertheless, whether or not the Cupertino-based tech giant will allow the consolidation of multiple Apple subscription IDs into one single account, or whether subscribers will take up extra "slots" on a particular Apple One plan, still remains to be seen.