Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly getting herself too involved in her ex-husband Chris Martin's wedding to Dakota Johnson. The Iron Man actress allegedly not only wants to be the pair's wedding planner. She also wants to officiate the ceremony and the couple can't take it anymore.

Heat published a story this week claiming Paltrow is insisting on planning the wedding of the Coldplay frontman and Johnson. The tabloid quoted a source as saying Gwyneth offered to organize the entire wedding including offering her home as the venue for the ceremony. 

The supposed insider said Gwyneth simply wants to prove that she is happy that her former spouse is finally settling down. However, Paltrow's good intention is purportedly pissing off the couple.

Moreover, Martin and the Fifty Shades of Grey actress also reportedly think it would be awkward to have the Goop founder involved in their wedding prep. The supposed source said the couple was contemplating how to tell Gwyneth that it might be better if she doesn't come to the wedding at all, like what Martin did when he did not attend Paltrow's nuptials to Brad Falchuk in 2018. 

Gwyneth Paltrow being "pushy" of her plans allegedly forces the extremely private couple to think of ways to make sure that the Shallow Hal star will not be involved in their wedding planning or at the ceremony itself. Heat claimed one of the alternatives that Chris and Dakota are considering is to elope and tie the knot in secret. 

But, Gwyneth is determined to arrange the couple's nuptials. The actress allegedly wants to be involved even if it means surprising them with a wedding party or a last-minute bridal shower for Dakota. 

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop debunked Heat's story. The publication noted planning a wedding seemed to be a far fetched plan for Martin and Johnson since they were not even engaged. 

Gossip Cop added New Idea also made similar claims that Martin and Johnson were planning their wedding. But, the tabloid had a different story about Paltrow. It claimed that it was Dakota's idea to involve Paltrow in the wedding planning. 

It has been known that Johnson formed a friendship with the Shakespeare In Love actress since she started dating Martin. Dakota and the "Yellow" singer began hanging out in October 2017. 

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, on the other hand, were married for 10 years. They split in 2014 but remained as good friends and have been in a "conscious uncoupling" setup since. They have two kids together.