Princess Anne has continued to become one of the most hard-working British Royals today. Experts even deemed her the hardest-working one in previous years when she accomplished the highest number of engagements among all the members of the Royal Family.

Despite her dedication to the British Crown, her standing in the line of succession goes far behind some of her nieces and nephews, and even grandnieces and grandnephews. To date, she is the 14th person in line to the British Throne.

While she may be far down the line, the Daily Express reported that she still has more authority and power over her sister-in-law, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. However, this only applies when the condition does not include her marriage to Prince Charles.

Camilla automatically became the Duchess of Cornwall after marrying the Prince of Wales in 2005. Through her marriage to the Heir Apparent, she becomes the second-highest-ranking female royal in the Windsor clan, next to Queen Elizabeth.

The publication, however, countered that she is not a senior royal by her own right. If her husband is out of the picture, her standing will be behind Princess Anne and even the Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra, who is currently the 53rd person in line to the British Crown.

Therefore, in terms of rankings and statuses, the Queen's only daughter possesses more power and authority than the Duchess of Cornwall.

Reports added that, when Prince Charles takes over the British Monarchy from his mother, Camilla will not have the title of "Queen Consort." Instead, she will be referred to as the "Princess Consort."

Richard Fitzwilliams discussed the matter with the same publication. He explained that the title that the Duchess of Cornwall will receive does not historically exist.

The royal commentator stated that this only emerged following the family's background with the late Princess Diana. This is, also, the reason why she does not use the title, "Princess of Wales," despite formally and officially owning it.

Amid all the talks about Prince Charles and Camilla's future titles and roles, New Idea learned that Queen Elizabeth has started to have "secret discussions" with Princess Anne. Sources alleged that the British Monarch has always felt that her only daughter is "more suitable" to take over the throne than her eldest son.

Reports clarified, though, that Princess Anne can never become the Queen of the United Kingdom after her mother's passing or abdication. While the Prince of Wales remains to be the direct heir, the British Monarch has, reportedly, asked the Princess Royal to work closely with her brother as an adviser behind the scenes.