Tom Cruise has been in the entertainment industry for almost four decades. The Mission: Impossible star had met and became good friends with a lot of celebrities throughout his career.

Just like most celebrities, Tom Cruise also had his share of rumored romance, and the latest one is with Gal Gadot. According to a report, the pair is now “Hollywood’s newest power couple.”

Star declares Gal Gadot as “Tom’s Gal Pal.” It claims that the 58-year-old actor-producer had been attempting to keep his romance with the Wonder Woman star a “hush-hush.”

The tabloid alleged that Gal Gadot has become more than a confidante to Tom Cruise. “He leans on Gal for advice about practically everything, from fight scenes to dialogue and even dating… They have this incredible connection,” an anonymous source revealed.

Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot worked together in the 2010 film, Knight and Day. The pair struck up a friendship, and the A-list actor reportedly became the 35-year-old Israeli actress-model.

Star noted that, even though Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot are busy doing their popular roles at the moment, the insider said that "they're searching for a project to do together."

The outlet, then, ended the story by saying that Gal Gadot’s husband, Jaron Versano, is not too happy with Tom Cruise and Gal’s relationship. The Mission: Impossible actor is said to be constantly in contact with Gal, and Jaron finds it “annoying.”

Gossip Cop quickly slammed the report, saying that the story doesn’t make sense. The site pointed out that Star had released this story in the magazine in April, and there’s been no news about Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot’s alleged romance in other outlets. Gossip Cop added that the pair has not mentioned each other in interviews or on social media.

The site admitted that being in the same industry and as former co-workers, it’s not hard to imagine that Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot are somewhat friendly. However, Gossip Cop made it clear that whatever relationship the pair has formed, it is not something that would anger one of their spouses. The outlet then bluntly said that Star is just inventing this “relationship.”

Gossip Cop investigated Star’s previous entries about the two actors and found that it has reported separate fabricated stories about the pair. It claimed, back in 2018, that Tom Cruise was quitting Scientology for his daughter, Suri Cruise. However, the actor is still an active member of the organization today. As for Gal Gadot, the site alleged that she had a feud with Kristen Wiig, but didn’t provide any solid evidence.