WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Lovecraft Country episode 8. Read at your own risk.

Lovecraft Country episode 8 is coming this weekend on HBO, with the title "Jig-a-Bobo." There aren't a lot of details about the upcoming episode as of this writing. But, the episode title could be a reference to something that was shown in the early run of the season.

The series has been featuring real-life racist threats with mystical creatures. Now, the title of Lovecraft Country episode 8 seemingly suggests a story about Emmett Till, who was briefly referenced in the third episode, "Holy Ghost."

Emmett is a 14-year-old black Boy from Chicago. He was murdered by white men in Mississippi in 1955 for allegedly flirting with a white woman, who confessed that the claims were false. His brutal murder is one of the examples of how innocent lives have been ended by racists in the country.

CarterMatt noted that this week's episode could be all about Emmett. Bobo was his childhood nickname, so there's a huge possibility that the story would revolve around him. One of the most impressive aspects of the series is juxtaposing real-life threats to Black existence with a horror narrative.

As for what else is coming, Lovecraft Country episode 8 will further explore Hippolyta's (Aunjanue Ellis) storyline. The previous episode showed that there's more to this character than previously expected. She was allowed to choose her idealized reality for the second stage of her journey.

One of the most interesting things that happened to Hippolyta in the previous episode was her unexpected trip to Paris. She took part in a risqué stage show which was fronted by Josephine Baker (Carra Patterson). This trip allowed her to rediscover her independence and self-assurance.

Then, Hippolyta was trained and to be part of an all-female militant group during the 19th century. She led the group to victory against all-white male soldiers. The experience allowed her to see what she really needed moving forward.

The most personal journey of Hippolyta was when she went back to the time before George was murdered (Courtney B. Vance) was murdered. The two had an emotional conversation about everything she's been through following his death.

More stories are coming for Hippolyta, especially since she becomes one of the significant characters. There are only a few more episodes left this season, and some things could take on unusual turns. The story may go into a new direction, delivering more timely stories with a twist of horror.

Lovecraft Country episode 8 airs on Sunday, Oct. 4, on HBO.