The Anniversary update of "Call of Duty: Mobile" is in full swing to celebrate Season 11's launch and several major surprises, including a limited time new map in battle royale mode.

"Call of Duty: Mobile" announced a few hours ago major features arriving at the game in celebration of its anniversary and the start of Season 11. Activision confirmed that a new map is now available in the game's battle royale mode on its official Twitter account. The Alcatraz map will be available for a limited time, and "COD" series' players are familiar with this map since it is originally from "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4."

A statement from game devs advised "Call of Duty: Mobile" players to keep head on a swivel and make use of the new map's verticality. This advice may sound invaluable to new "COD" players considering that the map tight on the ground and small. The Alcatraz map is based on the infamous prison camp that should allow players to use their battle royale expertise to face a new kind of challenge.

In the original "Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4," this Blackout map features plenty of vehicles. This could also be featured in "Call of Duty: Mobile," but all other gameplay elements of the hit mobile title will be the same as players are used to. Apart from the new limited-time Alcatraz map, the full Season 11 patch notes detailed a plethora of upcoming new content.

This includes new weapons, new rewards, a full Battle Pass, and a lot more. "Call of Duty: Mobile" players would definitely have a lot of reasons to enjoy the game this month. Moreover, a new multiplayer mode and a fresh Gunfight and 1 vs. 1 Duel map called King are now available in the game.

"Call of Duty: Mobile" Season 11 also introduces the spooky Halloween Standoff map. As for the new game modes, players can enjoy the 10 vs. 10 Kill Confirmed and Cranked this month. These new modes are designed to provide something different, enticing players to deviate from the usual battle royale gameplay.

The latest season of "Call of Duty: Mobile" starts with a bang, and players are hoping that the devs would continue to do this in the game moving forward. For players who would like to get their hands on the new Alcatraz map in the games battle royale mode, it is better to start as early as now since it is only available for a limited time.

"Call of Duty: Mobile" is currently available on iOS and Android devices.