It looks like Ahgases are finally getting what they have been asking for. A new report has just revealed that GOT7 is currently planning a comeback in late November. Amazingly, JYP Entertainment has confirmed the news.

It's no secret that fans have been hoping for a GOT7 comeback for several months. After all, it has been almost half a year since the release of the mini-album Dye in April. Interestingly, some of the members have already teased about new music being released. For instance, Yugyeom confirmed during a VLive broadcast that he couldn't share any spoilers about the comeback although he did admit that the members are working hard. Luckily, the comeback has now been confirmed.

According to Sport TV News, GOT7 will be making a comeback at the end of November. The report even points out that the idol group "is at the end of the current album production" and that "the goal of a comeback" is being set for "late November."

Interestingly, the timeline fits considering that the release of the new album would be about seven months after GOT7's previous comeback. Additionally, most fans have suspected that the group would start working on the album now that Mark and Jackson are back in Korea.

So when exactly is the GOT7 comeback? JYP Entertainment has confirmed that the boy group are getting ready for their major return. However, a spokesperson also clarified that the exact date has not yet been decided.

"It is true that GOT7 is preparing to release a new album. The specific date of the comeback is undecided. We will announce the details of the comeback schedule once they are confirmed," the spokesperson said.

Although it has been several months since they released an album, that doesn't mean that GOT7 haven't been active. JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom have all been working on solo efforts in the past few months. For instance, Jackson has launched his own agency Team Wang while Im Jaebeom pursued his first exhibit under Def. Needless to say, the idol group have always been busy even when they are not preparing for a comeback.

GOT7's most recent release was the 11th mini-album Dye, which debuted at the top spot of South Korea's Gaon Album Chart. The EP sold more than 460,000 copies and entered the Billboard World Albums Chart at the Number 4 spot. Stay tuned for more updates on GOT7's upcoming comeback this year.