Donald Trump invited Hope Hicks on stage during a rally in Florida on Friday. Amid his speech, he called his top aide to make an appearance before the crowd in Ocala. She immediately ascended to the platform and made brief remarks, according to the Indian Express.

The top advisor thanked everyone, including especially the U.S. President. She, also, revealed that she has "stage fright."

But, what lightened the vibe was her quip toward Trump. She noted that they can now share a microphone, a statement that seemingly references their recoveries from COVID-19.

Donald Trump built up the hype for Hope Hicks' ascension to the stage. He deemed her "the great Hope Hicks," adding that she tested positive for the virus earlier this month.

The U.S. President noted, however, that his top aide was now doing okay. He, then, initiated the cheers from the crowd, prompting everyone to chant: "We want hope."

He continued that Hicks "got better so fast," adding that this is because of her strength and youth. Aside from this, he, also, described her as "fantastic." In the end, he thanked her and told her that everyone, including him, is proud of her.

Hope Hicks contracted the coronavirus earlier than Donald and Melania Trump's infection. The U.S. President confirmed the news on social media and revealed that they would begin self-isolation.

A few hours later, though, he and the First Lady announced that they, also, contracted the deadly virus. They all began to observe quarantine immediately after learning their diagnoses.

Since their diagnoses hit the headlines, many, reportedly, see her as "patient zero." However, it remains unclear whether she was the source of the virus that everyone from the camp contracted.

Hicks' last negative COVID-19 test results before her actual contraction was the morning after Trump faced his rival, Joe Biden for this year's first debate. On the same day, she joined the camp and had a rally in Duluth.

Amid the event, reports said that she started to feel unwell. She quarantined herself on Air Force One as they returned to the White House.

It remains undisclosed when Hope Hicks officially returned to her work inside the White House. But, the Daily Mail reported that Thursday marked the end of her 14-day quarantine.

On the same day, the public and media saw her leaving the White House with Donald Trump. They were on a flight for their two-day trip to North Carolina and Florida.