Melania Trump continues to recover from COVID-19. While she already tested negative for the virus last week, she remains inside the White House to improve her health condition.

Following her personal note about her experiences with the deadly virus, many seemingly expected her to join Donald Trump, as well as his camp, for his effort to win the upcoming race against Joe Biden. However, she cancelled her supposed plans to join her husband in Pennsylvania, according to CNN.

The First Lady decided not to go to the rally on Tuesday night due to her "lingering cough." Stephanie Grisham, later on, explained that Melania did not travel for precautionary measures. Nevertheless, she said that the wife of the U.S. President feels "better" amid her recovery.

Melania Trump's supposed appearance at the rally in Pennsylvania would have been her "first" amid Donald Trump's effort to secure his position inside the Oval Office. Reports added that this is outside of her speech during the Republican National Convention earlier in August. The last time she joined the camp was during the "kick-off rally" in Florida last June.

These days, though, sources stated that the First Lady has no plans yet to make up for her absences, adding that her health issues are "genuine," and that she is suffering from "persistent cough." She did not, reportedly, offer any other options for future appearances amid her husband's second bid.

Unlike Melania Trump, Donald Trump's adult children have remained consistent in making appearances and leading rallies these past few weeks, according to CBS News. Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump have all played "active roles," especially following the First Couple's COVID-19 contraction.

They first announced their health conditions earlier this month. Through social media, they each confirmed their positive coronavirus test results.

Melania and Donald Trump, then, immediately began to observe self-isolation. Although the U.S. President was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center a day after, the First Lady remained inside the White House with her son, Barron Trump, who eventually contracted the same virus.

The 14-year-old Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis did not become public knowledge until last week when Melania Trump revealed it in her published piece. She said that her son contracted the virus after their diagnosis, which caused her worries and fears.

The First Lady noted, though, that Barron already tested negative days after his diagnosis. Donald Trump even touted his son's "quick" recovery during a public rally last week.