Manifest season 3 won't be coming until next year on NBC. Despite the wait, the series has been sharing details and updates as to what's coming in the new chapter. Baby Eden, for instance, will have a significant role moving forward in the story.

Baby Eden is Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and Grace Stone's (Athena Karkanis) daughter and was born under unusual circumstances. She was conceived after her father returned from the mysterious disappearance of Flight 828. Now, she could be one of the essential parts of the upcoming Manifest season 3.

Since Baby Eden was in a strange situation, her presence could have some supernatural elements. Considering the nature of the series, there is a possibility that her arrival could shake up the story, most especially the lives of the Stone family.

In a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Jeff Rake discussed Baby Eden's future and how she will be involved in the story. He said that Ben and Grace's daughter will be "increasingly central" in Manifest season 3.

Rake explained that someone outside the Stone family will notice that there may be something special about Baby Eden. While the executive producer didn't reveal who this someone could be, he or she could have a significant part in their lives, as well.

It remains to be seen how Baby Eden's storyline will be explored, though she could have a role in uncovering some of the looming mysteries since the beginning. In addition, she could potentially hold the answers to some of the passengers' questions about Flight 828.

Meanwhile, aside from Baby Eden's presence, Manifest season 3 will also be introducing new characters. For instance, Deadline confirmed that Will Peltz joins as Levi. He will have a recurring appearance in the new installment.

Levi is a teaching assistant where Ben works, and his expertise in archeology brings him closer to the Stones -- specifically to Olive (Luna Blaise). The latter want to further investigate and learn more about TJ Morrison's (Garrett Wareing) Egyptian research.

A new passenger from Flight 828 emerged, as well. The Americans alumna Holly Taylor will be a series regular in the new season and will be playing the character of Angelina. She could help Ben and others uncover more mysteries about the flight.

Manifest season 3 will also introduce Grace's estranged brother, Tarik. He reunites with his sister after he reluctantly helped the Stone family when they have nowhere else to run. The character is played by Luke Cage/Boardwalk Empire actor Warner Miller.