BLACKPINK may only be in the industry for less than five years, but the YG Entertainment girl group is already considered to be one of the most popular and successful K-pop groups in recent history. That said, fans of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa keep on growing, and the numbers are definitely not stopping anytime soon, especially with their latest comeback.

Fans would usually show their love and affection to their favorite idols by giving them a present. But with a lot of supporters all around the world, who are sending these artists gifts all the time, it’s hard for these K-pop stars to keep each and every one of them.

But as for Jennie, she has a “secret box” that is filled with gifts from BLINKs. Since it was just a small box, it is impossible that all of the presents that the BLACKPINK star received from fans could fit in there.

In the sixteenth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, Jennie shared a mini red box with the camera, saying that it’s her “secret box.” Inside, there are stickers, name tags, and more. The 24-year-old singer and rapper said that she most especially likes the ones that have her name on them.

But Jennie doesn’t only keep or collect small presents from BLINKs. The BLACKPINK star also showed off her stack of stuffed toys that her fans gifted her over the years. She particularly likes Disney-related dolls.

“These are all the dolls that you guys gave me. Some of them, I collected. This room is full of childhood memories. I’ve actually never revealed this before,” she said.

It’s quite clear that Jennie likes cute things. In fact, the BLACKPINK star couldn’t control herself from buying adorable stuff every time she goes out shopping.

When BLACKPINK sat for an interview with The Swoon, the girls revealed a lot of things, including Jennie and Lisa’s shopping problems. One of the questions was about who among the members are most likely to purchase everything else other than what they needed to buy while shopping.

Through BLACKPINK’s own voting, it was revealed that Jennie and Lisa were the two members who get easily distracted while shopping. The pair didn’t deny the result, and Jennie even explained that they like cute things. As for Jisoo and Rose, they usually set a goal and would only buy the things that they needed.