Melania Trump joined her husband's campaign trail on Tuesday. She held her first solo outing for this year in support of Donald Trump's another bid to remain in his position as the U.S. President.

During her speech, the First Lady touted Trump's "achievements" amid his time inside the White House. She, also, used the words "tough" and "fair" to describe him, adding that these are the reasons why the media loves the then-real estate mogul.

Following the descriptions given, a woman from the audience shouted "and handsome," to add to Melania's praises. Without any hesitation, she immediately responded, according to NDTV.

The First Lady smiled and said that she agrees, noting that her husband is a man who has a "great sense of humor." She, then, added that Trump has a "big heart" and he loves helping others to succeed.

Melania Trump, however, emphasized that she disagrees at times with the way her husband conveys his messages through social media. Nevertheless, she knows that it is "important" to the U.S. President that he speaks directly to the people.

After sharing her thoughts about what she agrees and disagrees with, she pointed out that it is a "first time in history" that the country's leader directly communicates with the citizens. She stated that the public "instantly" hears from the leader every day with the use of social media.

Melania Trump's outing and speech immediately hit the headlines. Aside from the fact this was her first move to show support toward her husband's race against Joe Biden, she, also, gave a political attack, according to Newsweek, deeming it as "rare." She said that the other party cares more about removing the public's "elected President."

Melania Trump shared her thanks on social media after the rally. She mentioned all the "hardworking" people of Pennsylvania and touted their "patriotism" before her followers.

Several fans praised her on the platform and thanked her for her efforts. "Thank you for bringing grace, beauty, and class back to the White House," one supporter tweeted, which has since obtained more than 80 likes.

While many of her followers continued to give thanks and praise, others slammed her and her husband. "Pack your bags," a netizen said, seemingly implying that they will move out soon from the White House. Donald Trump "has not kept us safe," another stated, alongside the current death toll in the United States due to COVID-19.