If there is one big move that could happen in the offseason, that could very well involve Chris Paul. Yes, he is already 35 but last season saw the 10 times All-Star campaigning successfully with the Oklahoma City Thunder. There was no NBA ring but Paul impressed many league watchers.

Paul played in his 15th season with OKC and he helped the squad to a notable finish - No. 5 in the conference. And the star only adds up to his already sterling record as the league rated him among the Top 5 and he is one of the few playmakers that boasts of double-digit scores per game. Hands down, the OKC star is hot on the radar of searching teams.

The last campaign with the Thunder was fulfilling for CP3 but the same reason he stayed on despite the lure of a better setting with other teams is practically gone. According to Fadeaway World, Paul is primed for moving on and the options are aplenty.

Possibly on top of the list for Paul's next landing spot is the Los Angeles Lakers. The reigning champions have a roster of guards that can win games and championships but none can match the level that Paul has consistently displayed.

He is competitive and plays with extreme intelligence on the court. And Paul's scoring prowess, especially during the pressure-cooker moment, is something that is hard to come by in the league. This aspect alone erases any doubts that the star is 35 years old.

And likely the clincher that will make the Lakers an irresistible pull for the NBA veteran - LeBron James is the main man there and two pals collaborating on the same side is long delayed. The two superstars better make the inevitable happen next season.

The specter of Paul working with the already formidable tandem of James and Anthony Davis is just mind-boggling. In recent days, Dwayne Wade, who played with The King before, could not contain his excitement when presented with the idea. He described the dreamed collaboration as the greatest minds in the NBA coming together.

But of course, these are all imagined pictures, and that Paul's options cannot be limited with the Lakers. Bleacher Report said the point guard is surely wanted in Philadelphia and a reunion with Doc Rivers is a thrill that the star will surely think about.

Another prospect is a link up with the Milwaukee Bucks. This team boasts of a superstar in Giannis Antetokounmpo and yet the championships are still out of reach. The hunger for an NBA title is shared by Paul and the two-time MVP so perhaps a stop in Wisconsin will make for a successful season in 2021 for the Point God.