Jin is extremely handsome, and he knows it. In fact, the BTS star is never short of confidence, especially when it comes to his visuals.

While most idols would choose the humble route and shy away from calling themselves attractive, Jin proudly gave himself the title of “Worldwide Handsome.” Despite the BTS star’s “in your face” confidence, nobody complained because he was only stating facts. Even Science backed up his claims when he won the “Best Sculpted Face in the World” award in 2018, beating 18,000 contenders from 58 countries.

However, Jin’s confidence has kryptonite. You see, the “Moon” singer is very comfortable calling himself handsome but gets embarrassed when other people compliment him for his visuals.

When BTS guested on MBC Radio’s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp, they arrived with their masks on due to the coronavirus emergency protocol. But once the members settled down and sat on their seats, they finally took off their masks. Jin looked relieved and said that he needed to show his handsome face to the world.

Bae Cheol Soo wondered if it was difficult for Jin to hide his next-level visuals and asked if he was being serious with his statement. “Of course,” Jin replied. Suga chimed in, “He’s always sincere.”

The host acknowledged Jin’s sincerity and told him that he’s handsome. The BTS star thanked Bae Cheol Soo with a shy smile on his face, then admitted that he was just joking.

Jin is someone who enjoys making people smile and fluster with his unexpected comments but gets easily embarrassed when he’s not the one starting the topic. In fact, Mr. Worldwide Handsome doesn’t like it when people are staring at him as he gets really shy. He has been heard multiple times saying not to give him the attention because he will turn red.

But Jin has a hard time not getting any attention considering his gorgeous face and incredible talent. The BTS star constantly gains new admirers every day because of how he looks.

Aside from his good looks, Jin is also a great performer that anyone who watches him can get lost in his eyes. And that’s exactly what happened to iHeartRadio producer JJ Ryan back in September.

When BTS performed their hit songs “Dynamite,” “Make It Right,” “Spring Day,“ and “Boy With Luv” at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival, Jin snatched JJ Ryan’s heart.

“I'm a happily married man but Jin's eyes have me mesmerized right now. Anyone else?” he tweeted.