Mnet, once again, apologized to the trainees affected by the Produce 101 vote-rigging case after the affected contestants were revealed by the court.

According to Mnet, they respect the court's ruling and apologize sincerely for causing the scandal. They said that they are extremely apologetic to the trainees who were affected by the vote-rigging incident.

They assured that they are currently discussing compensation for the trainees who were wrongfully booted out of the show and said that they would take responsibility for all the damages they caused, Soompi reported.

Even before the court released the names of the affected trainees, Mnet said that they have already reached out to some parties they have identified to discuss compensation.

Based on the court records, among those who were affected by Produce 101's first round of voting were Kim Su Hyun, Seo Hye Lin. Seong Hyun Woo, who is now known as LIMITLESS' A.M, was affected in the second round of voting for Produce 101 Season 2.

In the fourth round of the same season, Hang Dong Ho, who debuted as NU'EST's Baekho, was wrongfully displaced.

Lee Ga Eun and Han Cho Won were wrongfully eliminated in the fourth round of voting for Produce 48. It was revealed that they should have ranked 5th and 6th place.

Also displaced from Produce X 101 were Anzardi Timothee, B.O.Y's Kim Kook Heon, GHOST9's Lee Jin Woo.

CRAVITY's Koo Jung Mo, UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk, and Keum Dong Hyun were eliminated in the fourth voting round. They were supposed to be in the 6th to 8th rank.

Many of the trainees on the list have successfully debuted as Kpop stars under different groups since the controversy broke out.

Lee Ga Eun, who has now shifted her focus to acting, stated her position on the controversy through her agency, a separate report from Soompi indicated.

According to High Entertainment, they have thoroughly discussed their options with actress Lee Ga Eun. After their talks, it was determined that the company and the artist are not planning to take any further action on the matter. They reiterated support for Lee Ga Eun's career path and assured her that should she choose to return to music; they will fully support her endeavors.

Lee Ga Eun originally debuted as part of Pledis Entertainments After School in 2012. She joined Produce 48 after a five-year hiatus to explore a second chance in the entertainment industry.