WARNING: This article may have spoilers for The Walking Dead season 10. Read at your own risk.

The Walking Dead season 10 aired its finale in October, but AMC added six "bonus episodes" to the current installment. Fans have been waiting for updates about these episodes, and now, the official return date and synopsis of each have been unveiled.

The Walking Dead season 10 focused on a lot of fight scenes, particularly the war against The Whisperers. The bonus episodes are said to be stand-alone, which means the stories are smaller and more personal than the first 16 episodes of the current installment.

Due to the current global health crisis, most of the scenes were also filmed under COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. There won't be bigger scenes to comply with the pandemic-related filming restrictions. Thus, the larger-scale episodes might be carried out in season 11, which serves as the series finale.

Now, official details about the bonus episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 have been revealed. The title of episode 17 is "Home Sweet Home." It will focus on Maggie (Lauran Cohan), who returned but not ready to share her story.

Her past will continue to haunt her, and now that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is part of the group, the situation could get even more complicated -- with the latter's safety at stake again. While dealing with this, Maggie and Daryl (Norman Reedus) will be fighting an unseen and unknown thread.

In episode 18, titled "Find Me," Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride) went on an adventure together, but their journey goes on an unexpected turn after coming across an old cabin. It will take Daryl back to the past when he left the group following Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) disappearance.

Episode 19, "One More," focuses on Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand). They'll search for food and supplies and will bring these back to Alexandria. However, small tragedies become bigger ones, and they're put to the ultimate test when their optimism is fragmented and faith is broken.

Meanwhile, Princess (Paola Lazaro), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) are in a dangerous situation in episode 20, "Splinter." The four are captured and separated, and the former struggled with her traumatic past and tried to escape with the latter's help.

The focus will shift back to Daryl and Carol in episode 21, "Diverged." The two go on their separate ways as they try their own type of survival mode. But then, the seemingly easier challenges become much harder later on. Will they be able to mend their friendship, or is the damage permanent?

Lastly, Negan is at the front and center of episode 22, "Here's Negan." Carol will take him on a journey, hoping she could minimize the increasing tension by doing this. Negan reflects on everything that happened, which led him to where he is and concludes his future.

The Walking Dead season 10 starts dropping its bonus episodes starting on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, on AMC.