ARMYs have been anticipating for the day of BTS’s new album to come, and the time has finally arrived. Even though RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have been very open about the details of “BE,” there were still things that were kept hidden until today.

Lenika Cruz, a senior editor at The Atlantic, took to Twitter to share a new press release of Big Hit Entertainment that revealed details about the album, including the list of BTS’s subunits for “BE.” ARMYs already had a hunch regarding the subunits, but they were a tad bit off with their guess.

BTS previously shared their live discussion on YouTube, where they mentioned having “one rapper and two vocals” and “two rappers and two vocals” in the album. Basing on their concept photos and clips, it appeared that the “one rapper and two vocals” are RM, Jin, and Jungkook, then “two rappers” are Suga and J-Hope, and lastly, two vocals are “Jimin and V.”

ARMYs were extremely happy with the subunits as this is what they have been waiting for for quite a while. Jin and Jungkook already had a song with Suga and J-Hope, so RM was the only rapper that they didn’t have a unit with. And now they do. As for Suga and J-Hope (Sope) and Jimin and V (Vmin), they have a ship that is very popular in the fandom.

After the list of subunits were officially revealed, ARMYs were right with one of their guesses. RM, Jin, and Jungkook have a unit track called “Stay.” However, they were slightly wrong with their guess of Suga and J-Hope unit and Jimin and V unit. As it turns out, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V are all in one unit, and their track is called “Fly to MY Room.”

Jimin and V call themselves “soulmates” because they believe that they are destined to be best friends. The boys were pals before they became Big Hit Entertainment trainees, and they were also born in the same year.

As for Suga and J-Hope, they may not have the bragging rights of being born in the same year as Vmin, but they have a certain chemistry that people couldn’t stop watching them together. As if that’s not enough, SG is the one who created his ship with JH. He also kept saying in BTS Festa 2020 that they are “destiny.”

ARMYs believe that the two ships in BTS that are considered to have a soulmate status are Sope and Vmin. Now, the Big Hit Entertainment boy group is giving the fandom a soulmate unit in “BE.”