BTS’s passion is to perform and create great music for their fans, so they rarely get a time out. The Big Hit Entertainment boy group works tirelessly even during the pandemic. In fact, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook created their mega-hit “Dynamite” to make ARMYs feel a little better while in quarantine.

That said, BTS spend most of their time with people that they work with. So if the members are not with each other, they are most probably with someone they are very close to.

On November 18, J-Hope took to Twitter to post a video of his dinner date with a very popular individual. While many may be expecting that he was with a love interest, the BTS star was actually with Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk.

J-Hope finds Bang Si Hyuk filming a cook at work to be adorable that he couldn’t contain himself from filming the whole scenario and even posting it on social media. The “Ego” rapper could also be heard giggling while taking the short clip of his boss. “So cute,” he captioned it, adding a laughing with tears emoji.

Since the location seemed to be very exclusive, many thought J-Hope and Bang Si Hyuk hired a professional chef to cook for them in the Big Hit Entertainment building. However, some eagle-eyed ARMYs pointed out that the pair dined it at a French restaurant called L’impression, which is located in Seoul.

According to RM, J-Hope is the second leader of BTS. He is also the group’s dance leader. While the “Ego” rapper has a very bubbly personality during interviews, variety shows, and more, he is very serious when it comes to monitoring their performances.

With BTS’s upcoming comeback, there’s a high chance that J-Hope and Bang Si Hyuk were discussing all the important matters during their “date.”

This is not the first time J-Hope, and Bang Si Hyuk went out on a “date.” The duo was spotted eating in a cafe back in 2017. They appeared to be having a deep conversation while enjoying their dessert. JH and Bang PD then went on a casual walk on a busy street, blissfully unaware of their popularity.

But, J-Hope is not the only BTS member that Bang Si Hyuk enjoys spending time with. The 48-year-old lyricist, composer, producer, and record executive treat the boys as his sons than hired artists, and he has a special bond with each one of them.