In more than a couple of weeks, fans are about to see the much-awaited Attack on Titan Chapter 135. Some believe this will serve as the manga's ending after its creator, Hajime Isayama, revealed it would soon come to a close.

Isayama confirmed the manga series is coming to an end, as well as the anime that is now on its final season, but he didn't reveal any chapter count. Will Attack on Titan Chapter 135 be the end of the series?

There is no way that the new chapter will be the end of the manga, per Devdiscourse. It is about to start a new volume that will answer all the lingering questions and resolve the hanging issues that can't be done in just a single installment.

According to BlockToro, if this happens, it may suffer the bad ending like what Games of Thrones has had. Instead, the manga may conclude in Chapter 139, if theories will be based on.

With the beginning of a new volume, it may still take five chapters before it comes to an end. There is even a secret code hiding in this number that makes it fitting to feature the ending. Number 139 also stands for Attack on Titan's 13 years and nine titans' domination.

Eren may cause massive destruction that will result in the death of too many. From being a protagonist, the former member of Survey Corps is now considered the main villain. He is mighty that he can wipe out the entire humanity if he wishes so.

Elsewhere, Zeke will make an appearance in the upcoming installment. The alliance Titans have no plans to hold back and will do everything to bring Eren down if he will refuse to join the negotiation, especially now that he has a group of Titan controlling powers.

Eren will also produce Attack Titan and War Hammer to put all the original Titans in just one place. There will be an intense confrontation between him and the alliance, where Armin, Mikasa, and Levi will try their best to stop him.

Attack on Titan has maintained to drop new chapters every month, so the same thing will apply for the much-awaited Attack on Titan Chapter 135. It will be out on Monday, December 9, after the premiere of Attack on Titan Season 4, per EconoTimes. By the looks of it, fans are about to welcome the New Year, waiting for the manga and anime series to wrap up.

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