Fans will not miss Asta that much as he will quickly return to the small screen with Black Clover Season 4. The new season will soon be out, right after Season 3 ends this December.

Many believe Black Clover Season 4 will be delayed just like Season 3 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the widespread of the coronavirus and the lockdown that comes with it don't affect the anime's release.

According to Monsters & Critics, Shonen Jump renewed the show as part of its big three anime shows, along with One Piece and Boruto. It has successfully maintained high popularity on different streaming platforms, like Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation Now, which features its English dub.

It has continuously helped these streaming services' revenue for the past few years. Now, it will once again wow the audience with its return.

Funimation held a special presentation to tease its upcoming Fall 2020 anime line up, including the Black Clover Season 4. Fans were surprised to see its dub debut that made them more excited.

Comicbook noted Black Clover's SimulDub release is about to feature the 134 episodes of Season 3. Amid all the network's announcement, the major surprise happened when it announced it would continue to drop dubbed episodes in the future.

It only means that the upcoming installment will also have English dubbed episodes, so that more fans can watch and understand the series. Aside from the announcement, Funimation also unveiled a new trailer, showing a lot of intense moments that happened from the first three seasons so far.

Does it mean there will be far more intense episodes coming in Black Clover Season 4?

Black Clover is currently airing in Japan continuously without a break. However, its English license breaks it down into 51 episodes per season, so fans will not have a hard time watching it.

Amid all the rumors that Black Clover will be taking a long hiatus, Funimation just confirmed it would continue blessing fans with new episodes each week. So far, Season 3 is now on its Episode 51 and it only has one episode left before it comes to an end with Episode 52 on December 1, per its IMDb page.

After just a week, the show is now gearing up to drop its new Spade Kingdom arc in Black Clover Season 4, which will hit the small screens on Tuesday, December 8.

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