Melania Trump remains the most "enigmatic" First Lady in the history of the United States. Unlike her predecessors, she rarely makes appearances and refuses to comment on several matters.

She, also, became the only wife of a U.S. President to delay her relocation to the White House after the inauguration. She only moved into the executive residence later in 2017, after Barron Trump finished his academic year.

For years, her marriage to Donald Trump has continued to receive speculations and allegations. Although many believe that they have a "transactional" marriage, as what her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff asserted, others have a different opinion.

Pop Culture recently looked into the outgoing First Couple's ties. Based on the analysis, several individuals claimed that the former Slovenian model has the "strongest voice" in her husband's life.

The assertions first came into the public's knowledge after Mary Jordan released her biography of Melania Trump titled, The Art of Her Deal. She said that insiders attest to this dynamic, noting that the First Lady has "more influence" over Donald Trump than what most people think.

USA Today previously released a report about the book, pointing out how Jordan, with the help of insiders and sources, portray Melania Trump as possibly the "single most important adviser" to the U.S. President.

The author continued that she is the "one voice" Trump listens to, adding that he respects her "instincts." She cited an example from sources, claiming that Melania was the one who suggested Mike Pence to Trump, making him as his Vice President.

Mary Jordan noted, however, that the First Couple leads a "separate" and "parallel life." Unnamed housekeepers, reportedly, revealed that the Trumps have separate bedrooms, and they "both like it that way."

But, despite having this kind of setup, it does not mean that their "marriage is a sham." The First Lady seemingly confirmed this in an interview with the author, stating that they do what they like to do as they give each other "spaces."

Following the U.S. President's loss, though, to Joe Biden earlier this month, divorce rumors sparked, alleging that Melania Trump would soon file for divorce. Experts even stated that she could get a "fairly generous" payout from the split, according to Metro.

But, sources close to the situation argued that the First Lady has no plans to leave her husband. She has shown "no sign" of divorcing Donald Trump, according to The Sun.