Ivanka Trump faces a new series of allegations following Lysandra Ohrstrom's shocking essay for Vanity Fair. The freelance journalist penned a short piece, detailing her childhood memories with the First Daughter.

She revealed that they first met when she joined Trump's seventh-grade class in Chapin. While their ties began in occasional get-togethers, the friendship grew as years passed by, adding that they became "more sisters than best friends" for more than a decade.

However, they seemingly became "at odds" due to their differences as they grew apart. She noted that the distance between them further developed as Ivanka got more involved with her father.

The Daily Express, later on, emphasized one of the journalist's shocking revelations. Ohrstrom, who Trump referred to as "Ly," recalled the moment when she suggested the book, Empire Falls, to Ivanka Trump.

She explained that the First Daughter would always ask her for book recommendations. She gave Richard Russo's 2001 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, which follows a diner manager in Maine's working-class community.

Following her suggestion, Ivanka, reportedly, asked her why she would recommend a book about "f***ing poor people." She, also, allegedly, asked her why Ohrstrom thought about her being interested in this kind of material.

A separate report from the Daily Express discussed another part of the journalist's explosive essay. Lysandra Ohrstrom shared that Ivanka Trump always had the "Trump radar" for things like power, money, and status. She, also, claimed that the First Daughter obtained her father's "instinct" to throw others "under the bus" in an effort to save herself.

The former best friend cited some of her earliest memories when Ivanka manifested these traits. She recalled a moment when the young Trump "goaded" her, as well as the rest of their group, to flash their busts out of the window.

Ohrstrom described Ivanka as the "ringleader." However, Trump, reportedly, pleaded her innocence while the rest of her friends got suspended. There was a time, as well, when the U.S. President's eldest daughter, allegedly, blamed a fart on one of their classmates.

Lysandra's essay went public amid Donald Trump's controversial refusal to concede to the 2020 Presidential race results. In her piece, she included some of the reasons she did it, despite all the discouragement she obtained from others.

She said that she intended to show her version of Ivanka Trump. While others may describe it as "hypocritical," Ohrstrom revealed that she is not the only one from their circles who have criticisms toward the First Daughter, adding some of them even belong to the Kushner couple's inner social circles in New York.