Ivanka Trump has become the center of many reports this week after an essay from her former best friend went public. Writing for Vanity Fair, Lysandra Ohrstrom shared some of her most "memorable" experiences growing up with the First Daughter.

The now-freelance journalist began her piece with her first meeting with Donald Trump's eldest daughter, noting that it happened when she joined Ivanka's seventh-grade class in Chapin, an all-girls school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She said that they became like sisters to the point that the U.S. President's daughter used to pluck her bikini line "ingrown hairs."

While she described Trump's child as "loyal" and "fun," Ohrstrom noted that the downfall of their friendship began in 2009. This is shortly after serving as one of the two maids-of-honor in Ivanka's wedding to Jared Kushner.

The Washingtonian released some of the shocking points Lysandra Ohrstrom included in her piece titled, Ivanka Trump was my best friend, now she's MAGA royalty. Aside from revealing their adventures from their younger years, she claimed that the First Daughter once blamed a fart on their classmate.

Ohrstrom continued that this is one of the "earliest memories" she has of her former best friend. She, also, recalled the time when Trump "goaded" her and some of their friends into "flashing" their breasts out of their classroom window. Although she was the "ringleader," everyone else was suspended, except Ivanka after pleading her innocence.

The former best friend noted that she and Ivanka Trump hung-out "occasionally" at first. She remembered receiving a "last-minute" invite to her 13th birthday party, which reports deemed as "extra."

There were over 15 guests, including the First Daughter, and they all rode a "trio of limos" to Atlantic City. They had a weekend stay in the penthouse suite of Trump's former Taj Mahal hotel, where they had two members of the family's security staff to supervise them.

Lysandra Ohrstrom, then, pointed out that they only became "inseparable" after they went to Paris for a language program, months before they entered their freshman year in Chapin. They maintained their friendship for more than a decade, calling it "more sisters than best friends."

The journalist, also, revealed her experiences meeting Ivanka Trump's family, including her brothers and the U.S. President. The Daily News branded Donald Trump as "creepy" following Ohrstrom's claims that he would only remember their bodies and figures, and not their names.

Ivanka's former best friend said that the friendship started to decline due to their "differences." She, also, emphasized that she is only one of the First Daughter's now-former friends, who has had a lot of critical things to say about her.