Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary earlier in October. While things are seemingly warm between the two, alongside their three children, a body language expert claimed that this might not be the case behind closed doors.

Nicole Moore explained that the couple appears "happy," especially during public engagements. However, she argued that their actions do not display a "warm affection," according to the Daily Express.

The expert continued that the First Daughter shares "warmth" toward Donald Trump, more than her husband. She never smiles "that wide" at Jared, adding that she saves more of her "big grins" for the U.S. President.

Moore countered, though, that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner do not hate each other. Although they display "love" toward one another, there is a lack of warmness between them.

She said that the couple would always hold hands, noting that this is not a "true indicator" of warmth. She explained that what they lack is the "romantic spark."

Nicole Moore then asserted that people who are "in love" would always talk about the other person. But, in the case of the Kushner couple, they do not, reportedly, do it.

The same publication pointed out, though, that not all body language experts have the same conclusions. Moore's fellow expert, Tonya Reiman, told reports in 2018 that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner display a "good feeling," especially when they are together.

She believes that the pair does not, indeed, "talk over one another." However, there is always a "good feeling," which makes the whole thing "jovial" as they appear to "complement" each other.

Ivanka and Jared tied the knot in 2009. They had a lavish wedding in Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, New Jersey.

The Daily Mail reported that they had more than 500 guests, and most were from their various social circles. Several high-profile personalities were also present, including Rupert Murdoch and Anna Wintour.

In marking their 11th year last October, Ivanka Trump shared photos of her and her husband on social media platforms. She included shots taken from their wedding, as well as images from recent years.

To date, reports believe that the First Daughter and her husband are now preparing to return to the New York scene. Following Donald Trump's defeat in this year's presidential race, speculations over the First Family's next movements continue to develop.

While it is a possibility that the Kushner family will fly back to their home in Manhattan, the White House, as well as the couple, remains tight-lipped about the matter. An official stated, though, that Jared Kushner has a "wealth of opportunities" for him to explore but, it is still too early to speculate.