Michelle Obama and Barack Obama closed a deal with Netflix in 2018. Upon signing, the former First Couple launched their production company, Higher Ground, to produce scripted and unscripted shows for the platform.

They have already produced two materials in the last two years, including Becoming, a documentary centering on the former First Lady's book tour for her best-selling memoir of the same name. This year, the production company, also, teamed up with Spotify to produce exclusive podcasts.

As the Obamas' deal with the streaming giant continues to "bear fruit," Gossip Cop learned that they are now moving forward with their newest project, The G Word. Following the confirmations, many seemingly wondered whether the former U.S. President and First Lady are starring in the material.

The reputed publication clarified that Higher Ground Productions teamed up with Fair Point, headed by the Adam Ruins Everything star Adam Conover. His team, reportedly, pitched the material to Barack and Michelle Obama, causing the celebrity to headline the series.

The G Word is a comedy series, which will involve a few documentary elements, according to Deadline. It will, also, focus on whether "government" is a "trusted institution" or a "dirty word."

While details remain scarce, reports said that the production will kick-off in early 2021. Moreover, the inspiration in the creation of the material comes from Michael Lewis' best-selling book, The Fifth Risk.

The same publication said that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama acquired the rights of the book in 2018. It became one of their "firsts" after signing the deal with Netflix and launching the production company.

Although the former First Couple will not host or make an appearance on the show, they will serve as executive producers being the heads of Higher Ground Productions. Adam Conover and the rest of Fair Point's heads will join them, as well.

2021 will seemingly become a busy year for the former U.S. President and his First Lady. In a report from the Daily Express, spokesperson for Democrats Abroad UK Sharon Manitta said that, aside from the couple's Netflix transactions, they, also, have other commitments. She continued that Michelle Obama's husband will likely remain grounded, as well, with his work on The Obama Presidential Center.

The publication said that it will be a 19-acre, four-building "working center for citizenship" in Chicago. Some believe that it will include a "museum tower" reaching 235 feet, as well as a two-story event space and an athletic center.

These projects come after Obama released his memoir, A Promised Land. The material came out on November 17, and has since broken records, surpassing Michelle's Becoming's achievements in 2018.