Princess Diana and Prince Charles' tumultuous relationship gains more spotlight in recent weeks due to The Crown Season 4's arrival on Netflix. The show's latest installment centered on the Wales couple's marriage, beginning from their first meeting up to the start of the downfall.

As the series continues to receive criticisms from royal experts and fans, several analysts and biographers broke their silence to clarify. One even asserted that the Princess of Wales emotionally "abused" her husband, according to Cheat Sheet.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Sally Bedell Smith said that what the show portrayed in Season 4 regarding the Prince and Princess of Wales' marriage is in "contrast" with the real events. She noted that it was the late royal who "mocked" the Heir Apparent, adding that Princess Diana "taunted" her husband for his "medals." She even, reportedly, told him that he would never become the King of the United Kingdom.

The royal biographer continued that "contrary" to what The Crown Season 4 depicted, Prince Charles never responded in that "kind." The quality of production caused the blurry lines between "reality and fiction."

Bedell Smith, later on, emphasized that Princess Diana was the one "stepped out" first from her marriage to Prince Charles, according to She Knows. She argued that the late royal's affair with her protection officer Barry Mannakee began in 1995.

Following the discovery of the "inappropriate" relationship a year later, they relieved him of his royal duties, reportedly, resulting in the Princess of Wales' upset. But, the royal expert countered that her sadness did not last long because she immediately started her affair with James Hewitt.

The report, then, recalled that publications chronicled the Prince of Wales and the now-Duchess of Cornwall's affair, which allegedly began in 1986. Following the argument, this would mean that The Crown Season 4 has a "very different tale" than what experts are claiming.

Princess Diana's brother seemingly has similar notions about the show. Us Weekly reported that Charles Spencer recently shared his concerns and worries about The Crown Season 4's inaccuracies.

He said that the show worries him as the public might "forget" about its fictional dynamic. It is "fiction," and people, especially "foreigners," assume that they have taken a history lesson after watching the royal-based drama.

He, also, revealed that the production approached him and asked permission if the show could use Spencer's family home, Althorp, as one of the venues and settings for Season 4. Earl Spencer said that he drew the line saying, "obviously not."