The Undertaker has been making select appearances in WWE shows but it appears his time is up. Word broke out Friday that the WWE was giving the Dead Man a final farewell despite initial plans of feting him for his 30 years in the promotion.

In the WWE, retirement is a bit deceiving. In the past, some wrestlers announce their retirement yet make an unceremonious ring return at some point. While the could still happen for The Undertaker, it may take time.

The 55-year-old WWE icon admits that while his passion to perform is still there, the physical demands of performing in the ring are unwilling, CBS Sports reported.

    "The only reason I'm calling it a day is simply because I don't have the physical tools to do this at a level I want to do it. The passion is still there, and if I could, I would do this forever," The Undertaker said. "But that's not a reality, and that's now how that works. You have your run and your time. I was blessed with an extremely long run, and I need to be happy with that and move on to whatever comes next." “I'm not stepping away because I want to or I'm burned out or anything like that. I'm just physically spent, and I have to think about the rest of my life and the quality of that life," the many-time WWE champion added. At WWE Survivor Series 2020, multiple WWE Legends shared the ring to pay tribute to the Undertaker. Among those present included Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy and Triple H among others. Also known as Mark Callaway, there is no question that The Undertaker has practically done it all in the ring. His last match was against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 36, a boneyard match. Hints of a possible Undertaker requirement has been abuzz the last couple of years. In 2017, it will be recalled how most thought that they had seen the last of the Phenom at Wrestlemania 33. He faced and lost to current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reign, then left his hat and gloves in the ring. One wrestler who the Undertaker was unable to face is Sting (Steve Borden). There were talks about a potential match but a neck injury to Sting in 2015 prevented that from happening. Sting retired in 2016. Below is the video of The Undertaker’s Final Farewell for the benefit of those who missed it. Some social media posts from other WWE stars and personalities can also be found below.