Daniel Cormier has officially retired from the UFC scene and appears content doing commentary on the side. Though he could always choose to make a sudden return to the octagon, it appears the former heavyweight champion is fine calling the fights from afar.

However, there is a chance that Cormier may be doing commentary somewhere else. Being a WWE fan, the 41-year-old admits that he has engaged in new talks with the wrestling promotion. There is no doubt that D.C. would be a great addition to the roster of WWE commentators. However, that also opens further possibilities like seeing Cormier don some trunks and see some ring action.

That, of course, would be fast-forwarding a bit. But through the years, the WWE has been known to do that for entertainment purposes. But the difference is that Cormier is a former UFC champion and someone who knows how to fight. Hence, there is a chance he joins the WWE as a commentator but eventually shifts to wrestling.

There have been former UFC stars who have tried to make the jump to the WWE. The most notable one is Ronda Rousey, someone who worked her way to success. Beyond Rowdy, there is a list of other former mixed martial arts stars who tried their luck in the WWE ring. That list includes Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar – someone who has been linked to a fight with Cormier time and again.

Regardless of what Cormier and the WWE have planned, the former UFC heavyweight champion will have to work his way and succeed like Rousey. “The Miz” gave his take on the plans of Cormier, telling him that succeeding in the WWE will be no easy task, TMZ reported.

"Not many people are able to do it. Not many people can be as successful as Ronda Rousey was, which she came in and really did a tremendous job just acclimating to our style of professional wrestling," The Miz said. "Honestly, it's one of the hardest jobs I've ever seen in entertainment because it's life, it's in your face, it's athleticism, it's entertainment."

Hence, WWE commentating is only a step towards that direction. Considering Cormier has followed the WWE for some time, he knows what it would take for him to succeed. The buzz going around is that he would love to tangle with Roman Reigns. But for that to happen, Cormier needs to start getting himself acclimatized to the wrestling scene before such an encounter can be considered.