Melania Trump and Donald Trump will welcome the newly elected U.S. President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in January. Before their exit, though, the First Lady will decorate the White House for one last time this Christmas.

On Tuesday, she touted this year's Christmas tree through social media. She updated her fans and followers on how she welcomed it inside the People's House and informed them that they are "excited" to begin the decorations.

But, as the public would recall, Melania Trump once shared her disdain in decorating the place for the holiday. In one of her infamous secret tapes, produced by her former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, she told the ex-White House staff that no one cares about Christmas decorations.

Accordingly, netizens had mixed reactions to her latest post, with many of them mocking her, according to Cosmopolitan. Not everyone is as "cheery" as her, as the majority of the Twitter users took the opportunity to poke fun at her.

Everyone knows "you don't care about Christmas," one individual said, adding that it is now okay to "stop pretending." Another Twitter user echoed, saying "you hate Christmas," and we all have "receipts."

Apart from the mockeries, though, some people reminded her that she should be gone by now, following the results of this year's presidential race. "We the people say get the f*** out," a different netizen replied. The public "voted for you" to leave, another critic tweeted.

Despite all the criticisms and ridicules, though, Melania Trump still received praise and adoration from some of her fans. Others even defended her from the critics who continued to mock her in the comment section of her post.

You are the "best first lady ever," a supporter stated. It is going to be "beautiful," another follower noted, adding that she should "ignore" all the negativities and hatred from the detractors.

The whole debacle comes after Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released a set of shocking secret recordings of her conversations with Melania Trump. Following the release of her book, Melania and Me, wherein she made explosive allegations about the First Lady and the rest of the First Family, she provided the public with some "receipts," noting that these might support all of her claims in the book.

In one of the secret tapes, Melania talked to the former White House staff, sharing her disappointments about the "detained children." She continued that she is working hard for Christmas "stuff" despite knowing that no one "gives a f***" about it.