Ashley Biden maintains her value for privacy even after Joe Biden won this year's presidential race. But, despite keeping a low-profile, the media has picked up on the things she has done these past few years.

Ashley is the only daughter of the incoming U.S. President and First Lady, Joe and Jill Biden. When her father enters the Oval Office next year, she and her half-brother Hunter will join their parents to help lead the nation. This, then, raises many questions about whether she would join her father's administration, like what Ivanka Trump did in 2017.

South China Morning Post reported that the 31-year-old philanthropist will, indeed, replace Ivanka as the "First Daughter." However, the public can expect that she would not follow in the footsteps of Trump's eldest daughter and serve as one of the White House's senior advisors.

The publication noted, though, that Ashley Biden will "continue" to use her voice toward her passion. As pointed out, she is an "activist," whose work mainly focuses on animals and criminal justice reform.

Reports said that she became an activist because of Joe Biden. Moreover, the death of her half-brother, Beau Biden, was the one that, reportedly, pushed her to take it as a "mission" to fight for reforms on criminal justice.

The Daily Mail previously said that Ashley Biden is unlike Ivanka Trump, who appears to "relish the spotlight." Instead, she refrains from documenting her life on Instagram and other social media platforms and has since maintained her private accounts, away from the public eye.

She, also, rarely attends public events as she focuses on her own causes. Nevertheless, she has never, reportedly, failed to show her support to her parents, especially toward the incoming U.S. President.

Tatler released a profile on Ashley Biden earlier this month. Based on the list of information about the incoming "First Daughter," there are a few similarities and differences between her and Ivanka Trump.

Trump's eldest daughter had a fashion line before joining her father inside the White House. Biden had one, too, but, unlike her predecessor, she founded the line for "charitable purposes."

Reports recalled that she launched her "ethical clothing brand," Livelihood Collection at New York Fashion Week in 2017. She, alongside the line, was able to raise $30,000 for the Delaware Community Foundation.

Ashley Biden is, also, married to a Jewish man, much like Ivanka Trump to Jared Kushner. The former tied the knot in a Jewish-Catholic wedding in 2012. Unlike the outgoing First Daughter, Biden did not convert to Judaism, and remains practicing Catholic.