Following leaks and speculations about the relaunch of PUBG Corporation's hit mobile game in India, the company announced the "PUBG Mobile India." The game's version is designed to fit the requirements of the country. The company has not yet revealed when it plans to launch the game, but several reports point that the game's release is imminent.

A new set of information about "PUBG Mobile India" was shared by gem.esports. According to the report, the Google Play Store review team was notified that the "PUBG Mobile India" app must be published instantly or as soon as the developers upload it. In other words, the team no longer needs to hold the app for further review.

The report also revealed that its anonymous source also shared extra information supporting the claim. The briefing was first sent on Nov. 13, and was told later that it would be removed, the source claimed. On Nov. 24, the source received the notification about the "PUBG Mobile India" app again. The site revealed that the source of its information is from the Google Play team.

While this is a vital piece of information confirming that the "PUBG Mobile India" app is making progress towards its launch, this does not reveal the specific release date. Also, the report does not mean that the app won't be available on iOS devices. PUBG Corporation is still silent about the game's release date in India.

Apps review usually takes seven days or more in exceptional cases, according to Google. Considering that this is extraordinary times, the seven days window could extend to all app reviews. Interestingly, the report revealed that "PUBG Mobile India" would bypass this review window and be published as soon as it becomes live.

Some desperate "PUBG Mobile India" fans surprisingly bomb-messaged the social media accounts of Microsoft Azure inquiring about the game's launch date in the region. Microsoft Azure confirmed that the game's return would be announced on the game's official website. Meanwhile, on Nov. 21, PUBG India was officially registered as a company through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

This fortifies the company's drive to return to the region following its ban in September. There are rumors that the "PUBG Mobile India" app would be shared with social media influencers. However, they cannot leak or share videos related to the game until one day before the official announcement.

"PUBG Mobile" is currently playable on iOs and Android devices.