In "Demon's Souls" Remake, players know that the Healing Grass is an essential commodity that spells out the victory in most fights. Some players are having a hard time finding the best locations to farm Healing grass in "Demon's Souls" Remake could use some tips and tricks in this guide.

Best Locations to Farm Grass in "Demon's Souls" Remake

All throughout Boletaria, players can find different types of consumable grass. They are usually dropped by certain enemies. Consumable grasses are used to recover HP, which means having sufficient stock of these items is essential as players journey through the game's main story.

Tower Knight Archstone

"Demon's Souls" Remake players could fill their need for grass early in the game in the Tower Knight Archstone. Players will find two knights that could be killed easily by stealthily backstabbing them. These knights each drops a couple two Half Moon Grasses and a few souls.

Down the tunnel, "Demon's Souls" Remake could find three archers. Killing them would let them gain souls and Half Moon Grasses. Players could continue repeating this process by going back to Nexus and coming back to the Tower Knight Archstone. They could collect a good amount of Souls and Grasses before going to the next area.

The King's Tower Archstone

"Demon's Souls" Remake should warp to the King's Tower. To go there, players must head back to the path where they came to battle against the Penetrator. Further, players could see three Red Eyed Knights. They could shoot only one of them using the bow and the aim-mode.

When the knights approach, they would try to lunge at the players. The best thing is to do is to dodge away and backstab them. Continue to do this until all three knights are killed. The three Red Eyed Knights will drop approximately 2 to 3 Grasses each time. Players could farm them for ten minutes, and it would be good to go for most of the game.

Old Hero Archstone

"Demon's Souls" Remake players could use this process as they approach the end game. All they have to do is get the Thief's Ring and the Storm Ruler. Proceed to the Old Hero Archstone and go to the right where the Storm Beasts are wandering. Players could use the Storm Ruler's special attack to take out all the beasts in just a single hit. Players could collect a large number of Souls and Grass in each run.

"Demon's Souls" Remake is now available. Gamers could enjoy the game on Sony's PS5.