"Call of Duty Mobile" once again challenges players to get three consecutive Bloodthirsty medals in multiplayer matches for amazing rewards. The challenge entails players to kill 15 opponents to earn the medals. For those having a hard time achieving the goal, the tips and tricks in this guide could come in handy.

How To Begin the Bloodthirsty Medal Challenge

"Call of Duty Mobile" players should go to the game's main menu and tap on Events. This will open a list, but they should select Seasonal Tab and then tap on the Total Savage option. When the players are ready to play the challenge, they can press Go.

Best Weapon To Use in the Bloodthirsty Medal Challenge

While it may appear like a good idea to use rocket launchers and grenades to easily obliterate opponents, using these in the Bloodthirsty Medal challenge in "Call of Duty Mobile" will not grant players a single medal. The best weapon to use is the M4 LMG (light machine gun), which offers accurate and high damage output.

TheM4 LMG provides a high fire rate and serious damage and, by far, the most accurate light machine gun in "Call of Duty Mobile." But, this may not be enough, so players could increase this weapon's performance by using the best attachments and perks. Players could use perks like Agile, which reduces aiming time by 85%, Quick Fix, which regenerates players' health for every kill and Dead Silence, which restricts opponents from hearing the player.

"Call of Duty Mobile" players could use the Crimson Vampire as the skin of this weapon. It is available at Level 150 and increases players' XP earnings by 5%. This skin also increased the damage of every successful hit by 15 points in every two seconds.

Best Mode To Play Bloodthirsty Medal Challenge

The latest challenge is only available in the multiplayer modes of "Call of Duty Mobile." The best mode for this challenge is Domination. There are many benefits to playing the challenge in this mode. This includes unlimited kills that enable players to get as much as they need without restarting the challenge or the game.

Another advantage of playing the Bloodthirsty Medal Challenge in Domination is that the mode has three stages where every stage offers various chances for kills. Moreover, Domination features the Shipment 1944 map, the smallest in "Call of Duty Mobile." Because of its size, it enables players to get faster kills.

Rewards For Bloodthirsty Medal Challenge

Earning three Bloodthristy medals in a single match-up rewards "Call of Duty Mobile" players with 10x Weapon XP Cards and 2000x Battle Pass XP.