The Chinese version of the hit mobile shooter game "Call of Duty Mobile" has more than 50 million pre-registrations and rumors are now rife on the game's possible release window in the region.

Tencent has not yet revealed the release window of "Call of Duty Mobile" in China. However, several sites reported that the game might be available in the region next month. The information comes from the Apple App Store page of the game stating that the game is currently in its beta phase and will be released on Dec. 31, 2020.

The release window might look like a placeholder; however, Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad mentioned in a tweet that "Call of Duty Mobile" will 'receive its official launch in China in December.' The analyst mentioned that the game has already completed its final test. Unlike other countries, China has a far stricter set of regulations when it comes to apps and games.

It was only on Aug. 6 that the Chinese government regulators approved the release of "Call of Duty Mobile" in the country. The game's beta test for Android users started last Oct. 20. Activision launched "Call of Duty Mobile" worldwide on Oct. 2019, while players in China have to wait a little longer and enjoy the game's beta at the moment. However, this is not surprising considering that China's regulation laws. It can be recalled that "PUBG Mobile," a game developed by Tencent in China, was removed from the country because it could not secure monetization rights, according to DoteSports. Later, Tencent released a new version of the game called "Peacekeeper Elite" also popularly called "Game for Peace." To hype the release of "Call of Duty Mobile," Tencent tapped the Taiwanese singer Jay Chou to endorse the game. It also forged a retail partnership with Huawei stores to demonstrate the game. Activision's President earlier this month mentioned that the company sees strong potential for the game in China. "We see a clear path to continue growing Call of Duty's reach, engagement, and player investment on mobile in the largest mobile gaming market in the world (China)," Kostich said. Meanwhile, both "PUBG Mobile" and "Call of Duty Mobile" lost to "Free Fire" for this year's Best Mobile Game award. The popularity of "Free Fire" is apparently due to its fast-paced gameplay and user-friendliness, particularly with low-end smartphones and devices. Sensor Tower reported that the game has over 225 million downloads in the first three quarters of this year.