The Eye of the Storm is one of the bosses in the Time and Wind quest of "Genshin Impact." In this guide, players will learn some tips and tricks in finding and defeating this boss.

How To Unlock Time And the Wind Quest in "Genshin Impact"

The Traveler must travel to the beach north of Starsnatch Cliff to begin the Time and the Wind quest. If the Traveler is coming from the west, he could take the road leading to east from Starfell Lake. The island is located in the middle of the sea between the Stormbearer Point and Starsnatch Cliff. The Traveler can swim, but it takes a lot of stamina.

Instead, he can use the Kayae's special freeze attack to create an ice bridge to the island. The Traveler will find a broken sundial upon reaching the island. It has a large stone sticking to it called the Ravaged Carving. He must interact with it and Paimon will say that the Traveler must search for clues.

The Traveler must go to his right when facing the Ravaged Carving and drop down the ledge. There is a pile of rocks on the beach; he should break them and pick up the journal placed under the rubble. The Traveler must locate four Wind orbs and activate them.

Locations of Four Orbs in "Genshin Impact" Time and Wind Quest

The first wind orb could be found right behind the sundial. The second is located on the edge of the beach. It is floating on a stone. Meanwhile, the third wind orb is near the second orb's location, but it is floating a bit deeper in the water. The Traveler could build an ice bridge to get close to the wind orb. The fourth wind orb could be found at the top of the pillar.

Defeating the Eye of the Storm

After picking the fourth wind orb, the center of the area will glow. The Traveler must use Elemental Sight to locate the Eye of the Storm. The best way to defeat the Eye of the Storm is by using a character that specializes in bow and arrow. When the boss falls, attack with a swordsman. It will flee when defeated.

Follow the wind using the currents and in the end, is another sundial with a group of enemies to beat. After defeating them, speak to Henry Morton and locate the Thick Notebook in his campsite. Set the time from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. and the Traveler will find three orbs around the new sundial. Destroy these orbs to respawn the Eye of the Storm and defeat it using the same technique. To end the quest, speak with Henry.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on PC, PS5, iOS and Android devices.