BTS is seven — the boys and ARMYs have reminded everyone about this numerous times. And just like the rest of the members, Suga is irreplaceable. So when the “Daechwita” rapper was forced to miss the group’s recent performances, nobody took his place.

Suga announced back in November that he underwent shoulder surgery. The BTS star was working as a delivery man during his trainee days when he had an accident that injured his shoulder. The 27-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer endured the pain for years in fear of being absent in BTS’s promotions, tours, interviews, appearances, and more.

While Suga previously said he would want to be a stone in his next life, he is actually a very hardworking man, which is why it took him a long time to finally decide to undergo surgery. Last year was the perfect time for the BTS rapper to fix his shoulder’s condition since the world was on a standstill in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But despite the outbreak, BTS was busy promoting their new era. Unfortunately, Suga had to sit this one down as he was recovering from his shoulder surgery.

With a “BTS is 7” slogan, the boys made sure to still leave space for Suga during their performances and group hugs. They also didn’t assign one of the members to take the rapper’s part and let Suga’s backtrack do it for him.

However, Suga had a replacement during BTS's group photos. The only one that could perfectly replace the "Shadow" rapper was a printed version of himself. The members would carry different Suga mini banners every time they take a photo.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment shared a snap of Suga with the mini banners that his members were carrying during his absence. The rapper adorably poses with his ten replacements, seemingly thanking them for filling his shoes during his recovery.

Meanwhile, BTS performed three of their hit songs at 2020 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) last month. Just like in their previous performances, Suga was absent since his shoulder is not yet fully healed at the time.

During BTS’s finale song, “Life Goes On,” they showed how the coronavirus pandemic affected everyone. Actors were frozen on the set, which is a metaphor for people not being able to do what they freely did before the health crisis happened.

Only the BTS members were moving around while reminiscing the life before the pandemic. When it reached Suga’s part, a virtual door suddenly opened, and the rapper came out of it. A hologram of Suga joined the members on stage, and BTS was seven again.