More details about the rumored Nintendo Direct happening in February and a possible Pokemon announcement surfaced online.

The latest information comes from French insider Nintend'Alerts, who shared on Twitter the news he claimed he received. The insider responds to a post from another insider, named Kelios, about the Nintendo Direct playlist being updated. The French insider notes that more information could arrive very soon.

When asked about potential details concerning software aside from the hardware, Nintend'Alerts says that it seems logical that news about games will follow. The tweet also notes that the rumored Nintendo Direct will air sometime this January and will focus on "Pokemon." The iconic franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary in February.

Traditionally, the Pokemon Company declares Feb. 27 as the Pokemon Day. this is its way of commemorating the launch of the very first "Pokemon" title in Japan. As per GamesRadar, it is not actually a stretch to speculate that a Nintendo Direct celebrating the iconic franchise airing sometime next month.


The official Twitter account of "Pokemon" has started teasing about the franchise's 25th-anniversary celebrations. The Pokemon Company will commence relaunching anniversary-themed trading cards showcasing original designs for some of its iconic characters. This includes Squirtle, Pikachu and Bulbasaur, among others.

Meanwhile, Kelios' information aligns with what Reddit user porkydickson discovered recently. According to them, Viso Spark, a site that tracks activities of other websites, claims that the archives webpage of Nintendo Direct was updated on Jan. 8. This triggered speculations that a Nintendo Direct could be happening soon.

If a Nintendo Direct is indeed happening this year, fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite games at the event. Following its rocky development a brief teaser or announcement of "Metroid Prime 4" would pacify worried fans that the game's development is pushing through. Another game that fans would like to hear more about is "Bayonetta 3," which turned radio silent after the launch of its initial teaser.

Most importantly, the announcement of the sequel of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" would happening on Nintendo Direct would definitely delight fans. If Nintendo plans to unveil the rumored new Switch model at the said event, so much better. It is worth noting, however, that these are unconfirmed details. The Japanese gaming giant has not yet issued any statements related to the rumored Nintendo Direct. Fans should take this latest set of details at face value and tone down their expectations.