The upcoming Ahsoka Tano series is certainly one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars shows that will air on Disney+. Not surprisingly, fans already have several speculations about what could happen in the series that will be led by Rosario Dawson. So is it possible that Ahsoka's old friends from Star Wars Rebels will finally debut in live-action?

Back in December, it was announced during Disney Investor Day that an Ahsoka Tano series is being developed. The new show will bring back Rosario Dawson, who had previously been introduced in The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 as the former Jedi. Moreover, the series will take place in the same timeline as The Mandalorian.

This is truly exciting news considering that Ahsoka Tano was on an important mission when she was introduced in The Mandalorian Season 2. In "Chapter 13: The Jedi", Mando had tried to get Ahsoka to train Baby Yoda in the ways of the Jedi. Although it seemed like she agreed with the plan, Ahsoka would later refuse to take Grogu in and told Mando to bring The Child to a Jedi temple instead.

Not surprisingly, Ahsoka Tano's decision led to speculations that she was determined to continue with her mission that was already teased in the episode. It was revealed that she was looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn, and fans of Star Wars Rebels believed she is tracking him down to find out what happened to Ezra Bridger.

So does this mean that the Ahsoka Tano series will introduce at least three characters from Star Wars Rebels into live-action? Rosario Dawson may have hinted at Sabine Wren making an appearance in the highly anticipated new show. A Star Wars fansite revealed that Dawson had liked a post suggesting that Sabine will be a part of the Ahsoka series.

Although it's still unclear who will play Sabine Wren or if she will show up in the Ahsoka Tano series, another major Star Wars Rebels character might be played by an A-lister. There have been reports suggesting that Avengers: Endgame star Robert Downey Jr. is being considered for the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, this has not yet been confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Ahsoka Tano series has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.