There is little doubt that Daisy Ridley is one of the most promising actors in Hollywood today. After all, the Ophelia star proved she deserved to take on the lead role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy films. However, it looks like Ridley's attitude towards work can sometimes be seen in a different way. According to Ridley, she has been called "intimidating" and aggressive" while working on the upcoming Tom Holland film Chaos Walking.

Daisy Ridley recently spoke to Tatler about her upcoming projects which include Chaos Walking, the film adaptation of the sci-fi book trilogy by Patrick Ness. Interestingly, the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actress admitted that she received some unexpected feedback from the people working on the Tom Holland movie.

"I've been told that I'm intimidating," Ridley said. "That was on Chaos Walking. I was having my hair done, having my wig put on. I remember thinking, 'God, should I be smaller? Should I be quieter?'"

This isn't the only time that Daisy Ridley has given similar feedback. She also revealed that a filmmaker told her that her energy was too much.

"I've been called aggressive, too. My energy is 'quite aggressive.' That was during a meeting with a director," Ridley said. However, she didn't reveal which filmmaker commented on her energy or which project they were meeting about.

Not surprisingly, the comments made Daisy Ridley question her own approach towards work. "I was thinking: 'But why? Is it because I maintained eye contact? Is it because I'm passionate about what we're talking about?' I dunno," Ridley said. "You have that horrible sinking feeling of, 'God, do I not come across the way I think I do?'"

Although the opinions about Daisy Ridley are strong, there is little doubt that the actress continues to impress fans and critics with her performances. With that in mind, her upcoming film with Tom Holland is something to truly look forward to.

Chaos Walking is directed by Doug Liman and stars Spider-Man 3 actor Tom Holland as Todd Hewitt, a boy living in a world where all the women have disappeared. He is the one who first encounters Viola (Daisy Ridley), a mysterious girl who crash lands on his planet. Together, they must work to discover the dark secrets of the "Noise" and what truly happened to the women of the planet. The film is scheduled for release on March 5.